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This is a local template intended for use for the Campaign Ops page. It may be usable elsewhere.

This template is specifically for ops which have a different name in all three nations but are otherwise the same. For ops that have the same name in all three nations, please use Vorlage:KampagnenOpTabelleOp instead.

It adds an individual campaign op to the table, and has several arguments:

{{KampagnenOpTabelleOp2|Cracking Shells|Splitting Heirs|Plucking Wings|?|1-6|???|???}}

Do not make any of the NAMEs wikilinks. The template will do this automatically in its own special way. RANK can be any of the following:

ribbon1-4, star1-4, emblem1-4, wings1-4, or medal1-4.

e.g. "ribbon3". Any other value will be displayed as-is.