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  • Söldnerränge




This is the most important option that Abquhbah offers. You are told indirectly how many Assaults you will need until your next Mercenary Rank promotion. As you progress, you will receive the following dialogues (For more information see Discussion page)

  • 0-7 points: "At your current pace, you'll be doomed to a meeting with President Naja's spiky “friend.” If you want to dig yourself out of that pit, you've got to hit the Commissions Agency and run up some successful Assault missions.... (That's the only option left to you...)"
  • 8-11 points: "Hmmm. You seem to be out of the woods as far as being beaten to a pulp goes, but you're still somewhere south of the middle."
  • 12-18 points: "Hello... Seems someone has been a good little mercenary. You have some glowing reports from the Commissions Agency here. You've finally pulled yourself up to the borderline between worthless pile of beaten pulp and respectable employee."
  • 19-24 points: "Let's see now. A few more successful missions and the president herself might have a word with you. Keep this up and the next mercenary rank is not far off!"

When you are able to rank up, you will be told:

  • 25+ points: "Hello, hello. You'll be hearing from President Naja any day now!"

After getting Promotion Quest, Abquhbah will tell you:

  • "(Poor thing, you'll wish you'd stayed a worthless pile of beaten pulp...)"